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"I feel lucky to have a teacher like Roaine giving my child his first exposure to music. She brings enthusiasm to each class—Roaine clearly loves the babies and the joy she brings to teaching pervades each class. Roaine takes time to create detailed lesson plans each week and is open to hearing parents' opinions and customizing curriculum to meet parent preferences, My son smiles every week when she comes through the door and her class is giving him a love for music that I hope serves as a foundation for him for the rest of his life!"     --Bathsheba M.

"My daughter and I love to be around Roaine's effervescent presence.  She is great with the babies and the music and activities she provides are amazing!"   --Meg T.

"My son August and I truly have the best time every Wednesday morning at music class with Roaine. Her bright and cheerful- yet natural- manner with the caregivers and babies puts everyone at ease and sets the stage for fun. She chooses simple songs that catch babies' attention, combined with movements that emphasize rhythm and melody. She also presents the babies with the opportunity to explore and listen to instruments, and babies become remarkably focused during these times. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun and educational weekly experience to share with their child."    --Molly C.

"Roaine is such a wonderful music teacher; she's engaging, creative, and energetic, and crafts classes with a wide variety of songs, instruments, and rhythmic games. My son and I have both really enjoyed each class."  --Rebecca M.


"I am always looking for ways to help parents and their children connect and strengthen positive attachments - and Music is a wonderful way to help children identify emotions and express them in a healthy way during this visceral shared experience with their parents.  At this pre-verbal stage of development, Roaine's musical exercises give the babies a wonderful means of expressing themselves without words."  


"As a psychotherapist, I conduct play therapy with children and family therapy as well as parenting sessions, and I am very pleased with Itty Bitty Boppers!"

"Itty Bitty Boppers combines music with movement, which assists in cognitive development of rhythm, balance, and motor coordination."

--Karen C.

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